About Us

Established by a group of veteran engineers, Zonhwa is envisioned to create and offer to customers micro motors with high precision and reliability.
Zonhwa specializes in custom engineered DC gearmotors for small to high volume applications. Our dc gear motor size range from minimum size 10mm diameter to 80mm diameter. With rated voltage below 36V and rated torque up to 30N.m.
Zonhwa particularly takes pride in the high quality planetary gearboxes and dc coreless motor. 
Planetary gearboxes are used in applications requiring low backlash, compact size, high efficiency, resistance to shock, and a high torque to weight ratio. Our planetary gearboxes has advantages of High power density, Compact, high efficiency in power transmission and greater stability. This is due to all the components of the planetary gear box and casings being cut from solid materials not metal composites.
DC Coreless motors provides high outputs and controllability through the use of high performance permanent magnets and a uniquely wound and formed coreless rotor. CL motors are efficient, having zero iron loss , they have no preferred rotor position (cog-free), minimal torque ripple, long life, low noise and low rotor inertia. mainly used in robot, medical equipment and precision measurement fields,etc                         
Industries We Serve:

  • Drills and Polishers
  • Vending machines
  • Medical devices
  • Electric locks
  • Robot kits
  • Soap dispensers
  • Water valves
  • Gaming machines
  • Automatic ticketing systems
  • Business machines
  • ROV thrusters (remote operated vehicle)
  • Gaming machines
  • And any popular wireless electrical devices/ applications…etc.
Slogan of Zonhwa company has always been "quality first, reputation first, customer first"
As a privately held company,Zonhwa is dedicated to providing products and services to enhance the success of its worldwide customers.

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