FAQ(Frequent Ask Questions)

Company Information
Q Where is your company?
A Our factory is in China (Located in Shenzhen).
Q What is the quality standard of your products?
A We pay great attention to quality requirements. the product passed ISO quality system certification. the company set up lifespan testing center.To ensure good quality, we persist strict process management control. Which include Incoming quality control, Process inspection, Outgoing inspection, Data analysis control.
Q How many people do you have in your company?
A We have about 120 employees
Q Do you have showroom?
A Our showroom is located in our factory in Shenzhen.
Q What are the advantages of your company?
A The advantages are: (1) Key components are completely made by our company. (2) Professional structure design software include Solidworks and CAD. (3) Custom engineered. (4) We have our product testing laboratory. (5) Providing the same attention to all orders, regardless of size(6) providing helpful and efficient technical service(7) providing fast, dependable shipping

  Product Information
Q What kind of motors do you produce?
A Our products include Planetary gear motor, spur gear motor, dc brushless motor, Coreless motor and worm gear motor. They are compliant with CE&RoHS and ISO9001:2008 PASSED. For more information, please visit our web site www.zonhwamotor.com .
Q What is the smallest size motor?
A The smallest motor we produced is 10mm diameter.
Q Could you make encoder and controller(driver)?
A Yes, we can make encoder and controller(driver).
Q What is the main advantages of your motors?
A Our motors are high efficiency energy conversion motors with characteristics of light weight, long life and low noise . If you request high performance of motor and precision control.
Q Can you offer customized service?
A Yes, Zonhwa specializes in custom engineered DC gearmotors for small to high volume applications.
Q What is the applications of your motors?
A Industries We Serve:
Drills and Polishers
Vending machines
Medical devices
Electric locks
Robot kits
Water valves
Soap dispensers
Gaming machines
Business machines
Automatic ticketing systems
ROV thrusters (remote operated vehicle)
And any popular wireless electrical devices/ applications…etc.

Q Can you provide samples?
A Yes, we can provide samples.
Q How long do you need to send a quotation?
A Normally within 24hours if information is clear.
Q Do your factory capable of producing large quantity?
A Yes, we have many clients and can maintain a large scale production environment.

Q What is the lead time for production?
A The lead time is 30 days for quantity below 5000pcs.
Q What are the production facilities?
A CNC Lathes
Press Machines
Milling Machines
Machining Center
Hobbing Machines
Grinding Machines
Air Press Machines
Tread Rolling Machines
Desktop Tapping Drill Machines
Q Do you have quality control department?
A Yes, we have. Senior management concern a lot about quality control. We always ensure to have the highest quality control.
Q Will your factory cause damage to environment?
A We are environmental concern. Every production steps is carefully checked so that it will not release harmful waste.

Q What is the payment method?
A Payment can be by bank transfer(T/T) or Paypal
Q Can we suggest other payment methods?
A This is welcome.

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