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Motor Specification
Resistance 0.24 Ω±10%
Inductance 0.75 mH±20%
Voltage 36 VDC
Rated Power 250 W
Rated Speed 4000rpm
Rated Current 9.3 A
Rated Torque 0.6 N.m
Peak Current 27.9 A
Peak Torque 1.8 N.m
Ke(RMS) 4.9 V/Krpm
Rotor Inertia Kg.cm²
Number of Poles 4
Weight 1.33 kg


1. Rated Voltage: DC12V
2. Idle Current≤2.2A
3. Idle Speed: 260±10%RPM
4. Load Current≤18A
5. Load Speed: 210±10%RPM
6. Load Torque: 6.5N.m
7. Motor Input Power: 150W
8. Motor Rotation Direction: CW
ps: The rotation direction of the motor can be controller by a small switch,  refer to the switch wiring diagram


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