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Production Technical Flows

Overload & locked rotor
When the motor running, heat occurs due to the energy conversion of internal coil and core, the temperature will be gradually increased. Load within the rated range, the occurrence and distribution heat are balanced so the coil won’t burn out. However, over load and locked rotor state will increase heat. Long time running at this state, the insulating film on the copper coil will dissolved and copper wires will be short-circuit, as the result of burn out the motor.
Running in low speed
Generally using carbon brush motor for DC site
Rotating commutator friction with carbon brush will occur sparks at the commutator
Motor running at low speed, carbon powder caused by the friction of commutator and brush will accumulate in the commutator slot and result in a short circuit and burned out the motor and drive, please pay much attention on it.
Electromagnetic noise solution
spark between carbon brush and commutator will cause electromagnetic noise for DC motor
This electromagnetic noise is in the wire or radiates outside then effects the surrounding electrical machines, Our company has the optimum solution for electromagnetic noise.
Inertia & brake
when the power turn off, the rotor will rotate due to inertia, that’s so called DC motor inertia. If you want to stop immediately, turning off the power then short circuit the positive and negative terminals. brake in this way  is make the use of electrical power (reverse current) to implement. The current will increase and may shorten the life of the motor moment
Motor rotated by output shaft
Please do not rotate the gear motor in the output shaft direction when install the parts to adjust position.
※Gear head will be growth sector and damage the gears internal damage, as a result, the motor will be the generator
Install position
Standard are the same with the inspection quality of the installation in the horizontal direction
※Attention, when installed at other directions may cause the leakage of lubricating oil, load changes and alter the characteristics and produce changes in the horizontal direction.
Output shaft can be processing at a wide range
※Load, impact, cutting powder in processing are likely to cause products damage.

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